Putin helps get food on plates around the world, Germany consumer confidence seems nowhere in sight, and Aramco & Pepsi go on a shopping spree.
The West gives Russia some breathing room, Big Tech gets an Indonesian slap on the face, and Jack Ma gives up control of Ant.
Meta gets slapped with a federal lawsuit, Crypto bros get back on their yachts, and Evergrande misses a restructuring deadline.
Private equity fancies India's banking sector, US inflation keeps the Fed under pressure, and the big boys of Oil have a profit party.
Apple and Amazon give Wall Street some breathing room, the US enters a technical recession, and German inflation unexpectedly accelerates. 🔥
The Fed goes hiking again, Meta misses profit targets, and Silicon Valley gets shunned from BNPL.
Google and Microsoft spring on rosy guidance, Inflation forces consumer prices up, and Shopify CEO admits that he messed up.
Walmart sets markets on fire, Russia finally cuts gas flow and India's $14b 5G auction heats up.
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